Another Way to Use That Old Frame…

I love the ideas that I find on Pinterest, and I love the blogs that I follow for their great inspiration!!  This idea was not my own….This was totally thanks to a great blog at:  I had a large old picture frame and loved this idea when I saw it.  So, I removed the glass, painted 2 coats of Americana Decor in Carbon, added cork and spray adhesive and my “on sale” fabric and a little bit of hot glue!!  Glued some scrapbooking embellishments to a few large thumbtacks and put it all together!  I love the end result!  #DIY #LoveTheResult

bulletin cork board 1

The Before….

bulletin cork board 2

After 2 coats of Carbon Black.

bulletin cork board

The end result!  


Did I Really Tackle This??

I made the decision that I was going to tackle a large piece of furniture with my new chalk painting obsession.  What was I thinking??  Well, this piece was from 1965, and we have owned it since 2008.  I loved the inlay of the top “slate” design.  I thought the cabinet itself was a “bit to be desired”, so here I go….and I started the chalk painting.  The problem I found, I didn’t like the first coat of the color I chose.  I tried a second coat of a different color and was still not happy with the result.  It just didn’t compliment the cabinet.  It needed a little “depth” in the color.  In comes dear hubby to save the day!  He made a “custom color” with a little bit of the original color with some black mixed in.  He made a little extra….because I had plans for the remaining paint.  I didn’t want to take the chance of having to re-mix a second batch.  This took a bit longer than I had participated; however, I am happy with the end result.  #DIY #LoveTheResult

foyer cabinet 1

The before….

foyer cabinet 3

The inside bottom shelf and the inside of the cabinet doors were also painted.

foyer cabinet 2

The finished product….finally.  Loved the “custom mix”!

First Time Ever Buying Fabric….

I’ll admit it….I have never bought fabric before today.  But today was the beginning, so not only did I buy fabric, I purchased batting and replacement craft foam padding.  It took me 2 trips to figure out what I needed, but hey, it was a good day.  I started the day with the task of updating an old dining chair.  I used a flat black latex and some new updated fabric for the chair.  It was fun and it was done in one day, which made me very happy!  For those that know me, I am “not crafty”, but somehow, I made this work.  Who knows, I may become “crafty”.  Really enjoyed the quick drying of the latex and it was a good day!

dr chair 1

The “Before”….

dr chair 3

This was my first time using this paint.

dr chair 2

Two Coats done…quickly.

dr chair 4

The End Result!

What is Old is Old Again (only better)…

Well, I have been looking at tons of YouTube videos and websites, and I finally decided to “just do it”,  and try my “hand” at chalk painting.  I decided to try an old night stand that I have had since 1997.  It was given to me from a friend that was moving.  The night stand had some hard times in its past, but hey, it was free.  It has been moved with me about 7 times during that time…  I took the jump and started working with the Valspar Chalky Finish Paint from Lowe’s.  I used the “Kid Gloves” color.  I am really glad that I purchased this over 2 weeks ago,  because we were hit with a winter snow/ice/sleet storm and this was a great project to do while it was messy outside.  I am happy with the end result.  #DIY #LoveTheResult #Lowes

nightstand 1

The FREE night stand….a little rough around the edges.

nightstand 2

Definitely needed some TLC.

nightstand 4

First Coat on….


nightstand 5

Drawer was in good shape.  First coat on…

nightstand 6

Second coat on….getting better.

nightstand 7

The End Result – Finished with 3 coats, distressed, and waxed.  Love it!

Looking beyond the water damage and the layers of paint…

While in the thrift store several years ago, I came upon this great “awful looking” table!  It had multiple layers of paint on it and the drawers were warped from water damage.  I asked dear hubby to meet me at the store,  and his excitement wasn’t quite the level as mine.  He didn’t see the “vision” I had for this table.  Still, we brought it home.  We were very new at refinishing furniture, so it sat in the garage for a long while and occasionally, he would go out and work on it.  After our recent move to the new-to-us house, I asked about this table again, and it was still in pieces; however, it was almost finished.  We purchased some citrus stripper for the remaining leg and added a little to the other legs.  Bam…it was stained and we added the glass knobs and the glass top that came with the table originally.  I was one happy lady!!  We have the polycryllic to do the final process, but the weather has been nasty. So, we will probably do that in the Spring.  It needs to be in a well ventilated area.  I am happy to see it done this far!  #DIY #LovingTheResult

goodwill table 1

Layers of paint that was hand-scrapped originally.  We found the Citrus Stripper to finish! 

thrift store table

Loving the End Result.  Fits perfectly!

Just Hanging Out…This Makes Me Happy!

There are times in my kitchen where I don’t need to keep pulling through the same items in the drawer in order to get to what I need.  Somewhere I saw a posting about using peg board in your pantry and we had some left over peg board on hand, peg tools (from a 50-piece combo kit), and a couple of mounting boards.  This means FREE!!  I pulled the items that I do need to keep, but I just don’t need to handle them daily.  So, my stoneware closet (see previous post) came to mind to fit the peg board.  I am very happy with the result and I don’t think this took more than 20 minutes total  to hang (measuring, cutting, mounting) and it only took me about 10 minutes to hang the items!  Love It!  #DIY #DIYMadeEasy #OrganizationWorks


peg board 5 - Copy

The Perfect Location…The back of the Stoneware/Appliance Closet



peg board 1 - Copy

Peg Board in Place.  Moved down a little for clearance for the larger items on the first and second shelves.

peg board 4 - Copy

The End Result!  Love It!!


Iron at a Deal….

It has been a busy Holiday Season for us.  I love to get back in our “routine”, which is improving our new-to-us house.  I love looking through Home Improvement magazines, Pinterest, and watching the DIY shows.  I get ideas on the improvements we can do and, of course, dear hubby mostly agrees.  So, when I was at my local crafty store, I found a 1/2 price framed ornamental iron and immediately forwarded a pic to dear hubby and explained my thoughts on how to use from a pic I saw in a magazine.  His response was, “maybe that would work”.  Off to checkout I go with a 19″ x 37″ framed ornamental iron-like piece at a great price.  In our “tin of nuts and bolts”, we found a “cable holder”.  The only problem was we didn’t have 3 of the same.  So, you guessed it, off to our local home improvement store we go.  It was weird that we didn’t need a cart for our purchase and the total was around $3.00 (for 12 clips).  Measurements made, center and placement determined and it was done.  I am loving the result!  He did good (as usual).  Now to work on the floor and counter tops….that lottery win would sure help.🙂

kitchen iron 1

EZ Cable Clips installed after determining placement.

kitchen iron 4

Really liking the look.

kitchen iron 3


It’s a Happy Place for the “chair”….

I do love the living room in our “new-to-us” house!  It is coming along very well with the new flooring and the new “custom-built” cabinet that dear hubby made for the space. The room still has some updates coming (can’t wait), and the room needed a small side chair for balance.  I was back in the “hunt” for that perfect chair and there were lots of side chairs out there, but nothing “struck” me as a fit to the space.  That is, until this past Saturday.  There it was (available, 20 minutes away and a great price).  It was picked up on Sunday afternoon and sits proudly in the living room.  It was a great deal and had just recently been re-covered and it looks great!  The best part, there was no painting or repair work needed.  I am very pleased with the chair and the side table that I got with the deal!!  How cool is that??  More updates to this room coming soon….

living room chair

Got a Rack for that….Why yes I do!!

I love my #BHG magazine and I especially love the “I Did It” section at the back of the magazine.  I read magazines backwards, so that section is my first “section” to check out in this publication!  I just received the January 2016 edition and there it was!!!!  The “I Did It” section showed a plate rack that the person made for $25 and held her platters!!  I totally needed that!!  I mentioned to dear hubby and, of course, he surprised me with a new platter for Christmas and said he knew that would mean he would need to make me a Platter Rack!!  He is soooo smart!!  The best part was we had all the wood materials on hand!  We didn’t spend a dime on this project!!!  That part was awesome!!  I am so very happy with the result!!

plate rack idea

The Better Homes and Gardens Idea

plate rack 6

My Christmas Present!

plate rack 3

Taking Shape

plate rack 2

Making sure of spacing

plate rack 4

More Painting….

plate rack 8

The finished project! Love It!

Are you kidding me????

I loved the finished product of the Farmhouse Table and Windsor-style chairs. It would be great to find 2 of the same style in bar stools for our kitchen island.  Who am I kidding?  That’s got to be impossible…..or so I thought!  On a whim, I checked out our local FB sale group and to my surpirse, there was a pair of bar stools that were, 1) available, 2) a great price, 3) in very good condition, 4) the right height for my counter top, and 5) ready for me to pickup!!  That’s right….it was meant to be, I tell ya!!  This set is perfect and coordinates with the dining room set so well.  I am not ready to paint these right away…I am a little tired of painting, however, it will happen.  I am super excited about this great deal!!

bar stool

The bar stool (right) is the perfect height and will go great with the dining room chairs (example left).